Appellate law in Riverside CA

Looking for justice after a questionable ruling or fighting to protect your judgment?  Appellate law requires a unique understanding of both precedent and procedure to ensure a just outcome.  Moving from the trial court to the appellate courtroom requires a different focus.  Stream Kim attorneys can help you develop that focus and implement a winning strategy for your appellate advocacy.

The Stream Kim Appellate Division delivers a specialized team of attorneys with the knowledge and experience to successfully represent your business in all manner of trial appeals. We have earned victories defending judgments as well as obtaining multi-million dollar judgment reversals for our clients. Each client and case are unique. Our strategies are equally dynamic.

Stream Kim handles appeals of every level of complexity, whether before state court, federal court or an administrative agency.  Our experience covers virtually all areas of substantive law and legal procedure, from writ proceedings involving a single pretrial matter to appeals of complex civil jury awards.  We can work with trial counsel to prepare post-trial motions and plan and prepare for possible appeals.  Our group has collectively handled hundreds of appeals and writ proceedings, including cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars in liability.

As part of the appellate practice, Stream Kim attorneys have developed a strong writ practice.  If you are seeking a writ, the first step in an appeal is convincing the appellate court to hear the matter. Our team will work with you to develop the necessary arguments at the outset to give you the best chance of having your matter heard.