On January 2, 2018, five top-tier litigators joined forces to create a new firm dedicated to the highest standards of client service, legal skill, and community involvement. These litigators—Theodore Stream, Eugene Kim, Robert Hicks, Jamie Wrage, and Mario Alfaro—bring important and unique talents to Stream Kim so that the firm can offer a wide variety of high-quality legal services.

Stream Kim provides active representation to its valued clients. The partners have moved away from the leather and mahogany of other law firms to create a brighter, more inviting, and more exciting atmosphere. Associate attorneys and support staff are hand selected for their capabilities and team spirit. The entire firm is dedicated to ensuring that client needs are fully understood and met.

Stream Kim’s greatest strength is the vast knowledge that its attorneys hold in areas of complex business law.  The attorneys of Stream Kim are ready to take on complicated litigation or advisory work in the areas of real estate law, construction law, employment law, complex business litigation, health care law, tax, eminent domain, and many others. Each of these is an intricate area of legal practice that requires the right experience as results can have a significant impact on a business.  The years of experience of the named partners of Stream Kim allows them to understand and relate to not only the detailed legal issues but also the underlying business concerns of clients.

Stream Kim attorneys serve clients throughout California and Washington states. We proudly represent individuals and businesses in a variety of industries and of varying size. It is our hope that you will consider us an important and powerful force to protect and increase the success of your business. Stream Kim provides a one-stop shop for your business, employment and litigation needs.